advertising services

 Galaxy Way Adv |  2017

  • Brand Identity

  • Magazines / Booklets

  • Corporate Stationery

  • Leaflets / Flyers

  • Brochures / Adverts

  • Posters and Signage

  • Multimedia Presentation

  • Social Media Campaign

  • Gifts and Packages

  • Online Promotions

  • Corporate TV/Radio Ads

  • Event Management

We believe that a strong brand image is far more than just a glossy logo or flashy website.

We strive to provide creative and clean design solutions at affordable prices backed up with high levels of service. All of our designs start from the ground up. Whether it’s a logo or a brochure, we start completely from scratch so you won’t find our designs looking like ‘off the shelf’ templates that you’ll have seen countless times before.