• Screen Sizes Available: 5,7,10 inch
  • Video Format: MP4/AVI; AMV (2.4”, 2.8”).
  • Capacity: 30 seconds to 8 hours of video - can be any length.
  • Optional Buttons: Play/Pause, Volume Control, Fast Forward, Rewind, Next, Previous, Replay, Slide Show, On/Off.
  • • Stereo Sound: 1 or 2 Built-in speakers
  • • Connection: Mini DVI to USB, micro USB
  • • Batteries: 1-2 + 8 hours runtime, all are rechargeable via USB

Product Specifications

 Galaxy Way Adv | درب المجرة 2016

How Does it Work?

Video Brochure

Paper greeting cards have been widely used for most occasions: personal, instruction, and other commercial or industrial purposes. What if you could enhance your traditional printed marketing/promotional materials with a video message as well? Well now you can, with the Video Brochure.

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